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AiLe Rabbit
AiLe Rabbit children's clothing brand founded in 2015, is a professional fashion children's clothing design, production and sales of the brand.For more than two years since the operation. AiLe Rabbit has established a perfect online sales channels in 2016 the company began to AiLe Rabbit brand from the line On the front, experienced selling goods to sell the brand development process, began operating micro-business, outside the station maternal and child sale platform, sold over a million.
AiLe Rabbit adhering to the green, comfortable and healthy product design and production concepts, personalized design and fashion trends, and into the natural life of the light elements, to create a unique charm of the brand. Brand target consumer group located in the 3-12 year old children, the international designer's well designed, so that each piece of clothing, are distributed or sweet, lovely atmosphere, or sunshine, fashion temperament, began to create exclusive fashion boutique for children, so that they enjoy health and Fashion . AiLe Rabbit children's fashion clothing as the main brand positioning, to create high quality, fashion both temperament and grace of children's clothing products. AiLe Rabbit is committed to mining children's ladies and gentlemen temperament, so that children can have exclusive temperament and taste.